HappyFamilyGot Kids?

CurrentSAFE® cares about your family. Please take the time to review the following Electrical Safety Tips with your children:

  • Teach children the basic hazards of electricity.
  • Water and electric do not mix! Make sure your children understand this. Water is a conductor and will allow electricity to travel through it to cause electrical shock.
  • Keep toasters, hair dryers, and other appliances away from curious young children.
  • Do not leave cords that can easily be pulled hanging over counters or tables.
  • Be sure to protect your children from electrical shock by installing plug covers over exposed outlets. Children are curious and need to understand the dangers of inserting foreign objects into outlets, which can cause serious injury or death.
  • Be careful when you tell your children to “go fly a kite.” Electricity can travel along kite strings when they come in contact with live electrical wires. Keep kites and balloons away from overhead electric lines.
  • Be aware that most overhead electric lines are not insulated and that contact with them can cause serious injury.
  • Climbing trees near electric lines can prove to be a dangerous situation. Teach your children the dangers of climbing trees and other objects near power lines.
  • Never touch an electrical wire! Downed electric lines pose a substantial risk of injury and death. Inform your children to stay clear of wires they may see lying on the ground or hanging low.